Welcome to SelectOrchids

Here you will find plants from our own exclusive production line, and some accessories.

We produce and grow all of our plants ourselves, so we are able to guarantee that all are diseases and virus-free.

All the plants we sell are true to name

If any plant upon arrival is tested virus positive, we guarantee a refund of 2 times the purchase price upon return at our expenses.

If any plant is bloomed and is not true to its name, we guarantee a refund of 2 times the purchase price. Simply take a photo regularly with each new growth, or for Paphiopedilum every 2 leaves, and we will gladly refund the plant if it is not the variety your purchased!

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For over 25 years we have been suppliers of rare and special orchid types. All the plants were selected and grown by us. 

We decided to extend the offer to the general public, though professionnals are always welcome to contact us. All of the plants sold are either our own production, from the cross to the laboratory to the culture, or when otherwise indicated, have been grown by us for a long time. When occurs, we mention the original source of the plants that have not been bred by us.

We focus only on high quality, true to name, individuals, and have an ample motherplant park, including many awarded and award quality plants. The sowings and tissue culture are done in our own proprietary laboratory.

All the plants, whether from our own breeding program, or from other sources are guaranteed virus-free and tested.

We have a near complete collection of Amorphophallus. As an aside, we are worldwide the only ones to tissue culture most of the varieties, from our own motherplants.

All the plants offered are either coming from corm divisions, or from tissue culture plants. Our protocols for the tissue culture ensure that there are no mutation,s. Keep watching for additions and presales of the rarest species.

A lot of the very rare species will be available on a pool order basis. Periodically we will release batches of rarities such as Amorphophallus pendulus, manta, eichleri, on a preorder basis.


We have always been collecting rare and special plants in many other plant families. From time to time we offer rare and unique plants in many genera, from desert Adenia through Gesneriads. They are all grown, and propagated by ourselves to the highest standard of culture possible