Rockwool 1cm Cubes


We are using exclusively now Grow-Cubes Rockwool from Grodan. 

We offer them in 120 liters boxes. On arrival, just soak them with water, and use them waterlogged to repot your plants. 

it is best to remove all former organic potting mix and wash a bit the roots, though it is not necessary in our experience.

This new version of cubes does not have any of the issues previously associated with rockwool, and does not need any washing or chemicals prior to use.

Just use it like any other potting mix, with a regular feed, and let it dry out a bit between the watering as you would do with other potting mixes.

To repot a plant alreay potted in rockwool, simply unpot the plant, keep the root mass intact, and fill the sides with new rockwool.

Some sellers have a previous version of the product, that needs to be pH buffered and has pH stability problems. Ours is the latest version fresh out of the factory.

We did not find yet a genus that does not like it!