SelectOrchids Fertilizer for all plants


Over many years we developed our own fertilizer schedule.

We can certainly claim to have one of the most comprehensive understanding of mineral nutrition of orchids, backed up by hardcore facts, plant growth and lots of mineral analysis.

As a result we decided to release our fertilizer to the hobbyists, in 2 versions.

One hard water version, and one for RO/rain water. Both formulations are completely different from the commercially available formulations, but they are proven, both by the quality of our plants and by analysis.

The RO/Rain water requires the use of a pH meter to adjust the pH. They are 'single compound' fertilizers. 

They will not burn the roots, as most cases of root burining are in fact coming from either a lack of control of pH in the substrate, or at the proximity of the root tips, or a severe deficiency in some micronutrients.

Orchids can perfectly well grow and have excellent roots, even Masdevallia and fragile Dendrobiums with 2g/L of fertilizer and an EC over 2.

The directions of use are simple:

Weight the required amount of fertilizer as written on the box. The scientific rate is 1g/L for the RO water, and 0.7g/L for the Hard water.

Decrease the pH of your city/hard water to 5.7 using acid, and add the fertilizer directly.

For the RO water, add the powder to a small volume of water until it dissolves then complete until the desired volume. Correct the pH to 5.7. In many cases, the addition of 20-30% of tap/hard water will be enough to bring the pH in the proper range, and it can act as a beneficial buffer.